A Market Development for Petronas purpose Petronas is featured in the opening chapter case as a firm that engages in excellent strategic planning, despite being hurt recently by falling oil prices.

The purpose of this exercise is to give you practice extending a company’s global strategy into new geographic regions.


Step 1 Visit the website and review the company’s latest Annual Report. Especially assess where and in what respect does Petronas do business in Asia, Australia, and the Middle East. Identify six countries that Petronas currently does not do business with.

Step 2 Based on your analysis in Step 1, evaluate the six countries identified in terms of their business culture, environment, and attractiveness for Petronas to begin doing business there.

Step 3 Rank order the six countries identified and evaluated in terms of a proposed plan for Petronas to begin doing business in these places. Prepare a two-page executive summary to support your suggested plan.

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