PRESENTATIONS— Answer the below 6 questions.

These will be the standard questions; my answers are specific to an example I might use. You would likely have more discussion than I have here, but I wanted to give you an idea of the form.

1) What is Apollo the god of?

2) What is his background? he’s he part of a particular movement?

3) How did the god Apollo die? Who influenced him?

4) Who has he influenced?

5) What is significant or important about him?

6) What is Apollo most famous myth?

Due to the size of the class and the possibility of technology turning on us. we may be doing presentations in any combination of these three methods:

1) Completely live, Zooming from one base to another for the supporting materials (videos, songs, power points, images, etc.)

2) Pre-sending the supporting materials by at least 48 hours prior to the class and then discussing the work in class. You might include some notes with those materials.

3) Completely online presentations. It need not be PowerPoint, but you would need a document covering the issues and information.

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