MINIMUM 750 WORDS – MAY BE TYPEWRITTEN Please follow all instructions carefully. Be sure you read the INTENT of the essay. You must provide the required number of examples. You are being asked for comparisons and opinions. The more you write (and the more you express your opinions),

  1. Write about Le Corbusier and Frank Lloyd and Eero Saarinen – your favorites, For each architect, write about at least three of their buildings, and why they impressed you. (That means you will be writing about a minimum of nine different buildings!) Talk about why their buildings became important: did they influence the work of other architects? Did they reflect changes in society, either by recording the change or by being part of the change? Then compare the work of the three architects, and in your own words evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each. Lastly, write a paragraph, relating to your major(interior design ), about this class. Will it ever be helpful to you in the future? What was the most important thing you learned?
    1. Le Corbusier:
      • i. The Dom-ino House, Unite d’Habitation,
      • ii.Marseille, Villa SavoyePoissy, France
    2. Frank Lloyd Wright
      • i.Fallingwater (Kaufmann House) Bear Run, Pennsylvania,
      • ii.Johnson Wax Building, Racine Wisconsin,
      • iii. Usonian HousesGoetsch-Winckler House,
      • iv. Goetsch-Winckler House, Okemos, MichiganOkemos, Michigan,
      • v.Robie House, Chicago
    3. Eero Saarinen
      • i. Auditorium and MIT Chapel, Cambridge Mass.Kresge Auditorium and MIT Chapel, Cambridge Mass.
      • ii.Dulles Airport, outside Washington DC
      • iii.Gateway Arch, St. Louis, Missouri

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