As an APRN you have an expanding role as an actively practicing primary care clinician. You are in private practice with two other similar APRNs and a primary care physician. Your practice has a large number of Medicaid recipients who have, as a benefit, eligibility and enrollment in a DM program. Your practice has achieved recognition by the NCQA for diabetes care (www.ncqa. org/tabid/139/Default.aspx). You don’t know much about the DM program (at all), but you know that (a) you’ve been contacted by a nurse on the phone representing the needs of your patients, (b) you’ve seen some data on your patient outcomes (and they are not as high as you’d expected them to be), and (c) your practice has been invited to serve on a provider advisory committee. You are really pressed for time in your busy practice, but you are intrigued. You are deciding whether or not to participate. Consider the following questions in making a contribution.

• What questions would you bring to the table? • How would you like to see the agenda take shape? • Your practice is already recognized by the diabetes association with “provider status.” Would you be expecting contact hours for your participation? Why or why not? • How can this data possibly be correct?

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