Assessment, you are asked to compare the culture in two different countries and write a 4–5-page executive summary educatingyour senior management about the things they need to be mindful of when recruiting and training in the country you target in yoursummary. Select two of the countries from this list: China, Egypt, India, Japan, Saudi Arabia, or United Kingdom.Imagine your company is ready to open two new markets overseas. You are responsible for training new a sales representative in thecountry most likely to generate the fastest sales.Your company produces a hybrid scooter, which is suddenly popular because it uses solar energy exclusively and can hold a charge forover one week or 1,000 miles. This affordable transportation alternative appeals to women and men of all ages. Your salesrepresentative will be introducing the product to these new markets, but keep in mind that the product is known through television andother media.The initial tasks for this representative will be to set up offices and to create marketing materials appropriate to the home culture andnegotiate contracts with appropriate dealerships in the markets.Your organization has traditionally encouraged its employees to work in teams to improve efficiency. You are tasked with outlining aculturally sensitive orientation and training program for the new sales representative. The key element of the orientation and training isto promote the company’s culture of a teamwork-based environment.Refer to the Resources, or any other reputable sources, to learn more about your selected countries. Search Tip: Use the term “businessforecast report” in at least one search activity.Write a recommendation to your management team summarizing the results of your research and an overview on how you will designa training program for the sales representatives assigned to a particular country. Address the following: Country Selected: Which of the two countries would have the best chance of attracting talent? Be sure to explain why thecountry you chose is more likely to have the skill sets necessary for the sales representative position, based on demographics,literacy rates, and so on. Cultural Factors: What cultural factors will most influence recruitment strategies in the country selected? Obstacles: Based on what you know of the culture in the country selected, what obstacles, if any, might you encounter as youtrain new hires in this environment? Training Design: How will you design a new employee training environment that minimizes these obstacles? Explain yourmindful approach to designing training that demonstrates cultural awareness targeted to the country selected. Your goal is toassist employees with developing a mindset that builds team spirit, morale, and support for success. Additional Requirements Written communication: Written communication is thoughtful and free of errors that detract from the overall message. Report Structure: Consists of the following:o Title of the report.o Introduction – Summarize the general task being addressed in the paper.o Findings – Report on markets researched, cultural factors, and anticipated obstacles.o Conclusion and Recommendation – Report on training design and next steps.o References. Number of references: Use a minimum of 2 references. There is no maximum. APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to APA (6th edition) style and formatting. Length: Your assessment is 4–5 typed, double-spaced pages, not including the title page or list of resources. Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point. Required Criteria: Evaluate a region that supports the employee skill sets necessary for a specific industry, citing scholarly sources.Analyze the impact of culture in training environments for selected countries using course materials and scholarly sources.Evaluate how cultural factors and demographics impact recruitment strategies using personal and scholarly sources.Design a team training approach that addresses cultural obstacles for selected countries and evaluates its effectiveness.

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