Q1. Assume ABC firm maintains AIS for their financial statements and reports. Imagine that you are appointed as the auditor to audit the organization’s AIS.

a. As an auditor what are your objectives in conducting the accounting information system audits? Explain.

     b. What are the concurrent audit techniques that you would apply to continually monitor the    system and collect audit evidence while live data are processed during regular operating hours? (2 marks)


Q2. Segregation of duties one of Policies and procedures to provide reasonable assurance that internal control objectives are met. As an accountant, what are the primary accounting duties that need to be segregated in your work? Give example (2 marks)


Q3. Disaster Recovery Plan is a Procedures to restore an organization’s IT function in the event that its data centre is destroyed. Choose any Saudi firm and explain how they applying DRP on their system. (1 mark)


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