Design a Community Involvement Plan for your grade level. Focus on community resources that could positively influence student learning in your classroom.

Part One

Research four community resources.

Write a 250-500-word description of each resource – what they are, what they do, availability to participate with a school, and why their involvement could be beneficial to the child and family.

Part Two

Select one of the community resources researched.

Write 250-500-words describing a plan for involving the selected community resource in the school or classroom during the school year. Your plan should be organized and include the following:

  • Justification of why you have selected the particular community resource
  • Expected outcomes for the students in the classroom or at the school
  • Schedule for the frequency of community volunteers
  • Expectations for volunteer involvement (e.g., activities, conduct)

Use 3-5 scholarly resources within your plan.

Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide

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