Before you decide what part of your story to tell, think about these questions:

  1. What will I be calling on others to do?
  2. What values move me to take action and might also inspire others to similar action?
  3. What stories can I tell from my own life about specific people or events that would show (rather than tell) how I learned or acted on those values?

What are the experiences in your life that have shaped the values that call you to leadership in this campaign?

FAMILY & CHILDHOOD                    LIFE CHOICES                                        ORGANIZING EXPERIENCES

Parents/Family Growing Up Your Community Role Models School

School Career

Partner/Family Hobbies/Interests/Talents Finding Passion

Overcoming Challenge

First Experience of organizing Connection to key books or people Role Models

Think about the challenge, choice and outcome in your story. The outcome might be what you learned, in addition to what happened.

Try drawing pictures here instead of words. Powerful stories leave your listeners with images in their minds that shape their understanding of you and your calling.


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