Social Network/Social Issues 

  • What are the main concerns in this community (social, economic, political)?

      – Not enough recreational play area for children/youth, especially youth who

       wants to complete at higher levels

      –  Recreational space for seniors 

      – Too many condos, and not enough greenspace for residents 

  • Partnership and networking with nearby 

neighborhoods to create economic growth 

  • Hire local initiatives with new businesses 
  • Due to Covid-19 businesses are hurting 

some of which have closed their doors


Lots of subsidies co-op housing 

Food Security 

(Ryerson Polytechnical Institute, Directions for New Urban Neighbourhoods: Learning from St. Lawrence 1990) Citation

  • How do people stay connected in these times? In “normal times?”
  • People stay connected through digital technology, emails, virtual means via-Google, meeting up in small groups providing you follow Covid-19 guidelines, community walks/recreational activities.
  • Visit St.Lawrence Market for necessities by social distancing.
  • “In normal times” people visit this neighbourhood for many reasons including St. Lawrence Market which is a historic monumental place with a rich history of Toronto for food, shopping, walks,or just to see its beauty makes you want more.
  • Are there on-line community newspapers? Provide examples? ( Online) and also paper version is distributed in the area

  • What about community bulletin boards? On-line? Who are these designed for?

           The on-line St.Lawrence news Association 

            is a website designed for the community

            and the public to keep us informed with

            important events and news

  • How are local businesses adapting to needs/regulations due to Covid-19?

Currently COVID-19 is a big issue affecting shopping and stability of the market that reduces online shopping. Since this is a historic site, many people want to be there in person, and not conduct online purchases. COVID-19 remains to be a major social issue with lots of adverse effects. People cannot move freely to conduct business, some

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