Scenario: Consider the problems which would arise if everyone in this room were on a ship which was shipwrecked on an uninhabited, uncharted island somewhere in the Indian Ocean, with no reasonable likelihood of being rescued for months. maybe many years, and perhaps forever. The ship also carried about 40 other people ranging in ages from 2 to 80 so there are about 65 people in total who need to figure out how to survive. The island is fair-sized, (a little smaller than Langkawi), hilly in places, well-treed with a small lake. Some wild horses, deer and sheep have been seen. (Don’t ask) The group of us arrived on the island yesterday and have spent the past day exploring. Finally, everyone has come together to discuss next steps. Question 2: Assume the decision is made that 50% of the community members will work to build fishing boats for two weeks. Identify other goods and services that may need to be foregone or sacrificed.

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