Create a 15–20-page presentation on Islam, its ritual of marriage, and its global reach, along with a 2-page description of your personal opinions regarding inter-faith marriage.
Choose a country from the list below, and read the following scenario to use as the basis for this assessment.
Saudi Arabia.
Imagine you are a part of a large and close family. Much of what holds your family together is a common belief system, specifically that of the Catholic faith. Your sister, who has been working in a foreign country teaching English (the country you selected above), announces that she is getting engaged. It turns out the person she wishes to marry is from the country in which she has been living and working and also is a devotee of that country’s primary religion.
The couple plans to hold the wedding in the groom’s home country and in accordance with the rituals of his religion. The reaction within the family is one of shock and disappointment. While your parents are unhappy about the proposed union, the more important issue is your mother’s unyielding insistence for a ceremony that reflects the matrimonial traditions of her faith. She refuses to attend a wedding in which her daughter does not adhere to those traditions.
You believe your mother’s position may be based on her lack of understanding of the groom’s religion, its rituals, and its culture. You have decided to conduct some research to educate yourself and your mother on the important elements of the religion.
Part 1 – Examination of Islam
Conduct a 15–20-page examination of Islam in which you do the following:
Offer a basic introduction to Islam that minimally includes:
Founder and brief historical timeline.
Sacred texts.
Compare aspects of a ritual associated with the religion’s marriage ceremony with aspects of a respective ritual found in the Catholic faith. Include images or other supporting materials that effectively demonstrate the comparisons. Be sure to give proper credit to images when appropriate.
Describe the nature and function of marriage in the religion. Include the expectations of each spouse.
Describe elements of Islam’s global reach including:
Forces that brought the couple together (for example, interests of Muslims in learning English, desire for cultural exchange, opportunity, et cetera).
Where it is practiced (inside and out of the country).
A discussion of its adherents (demographics).
Major sects.
Projections for its expansion or declination.
Note: Use a format to present information that is appropriate for its delivery. Examples include a slide show, album, or letter. Consider using visual elements to enhance the presentation. Make sure to provide proper credits where appropriate.
Part 2 – Personal Beliefs
In 2 pages, describe your own position on the matter and the actions (or inaction) you might take in light of your understanding of the situation.
Additional Requirements
Resources: Include a separate reference page with supporting resources. Resources and citations should be formatted according to current APA style and formatting.
Length: Presentation: 15–20 pages; personal beliefs: 2 pages, typed and double-spaced).
Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.

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