1. Design systems can be flexible in response to different environments.

This makes management able to learn and master various solutions.


Write five sentences to answer the following: In the first sentence, explain how you understand the topic.  In the next four sentences, explain the methodologies (software and procedures) required to accomplish each of the following system development projects;

  1. Development and analysis of management information system for church of Pentecost (2 marks)
  2. Design and implementation of online disaster report management system (2 marks)
  3. Design and implementation of a student help desk management system (2 marks)
  4. Design and implementation of a quick response scan system application for church attendance (2 marks)
  5. A framework for stock market database management system analysis  (2 marks)
  6. Analysis and design of cyber security frame work for micro finance businesses (2 marks)
  7. Android application for lottery and betting (2 marks)
  8. Design and implementation of an E-payment receipt generating system for a supermarket (2 marks)
  9. Design of complain management system for electricity company of Ghana (2 marks)
  10. Design and implementation of online music store management system (2 marks)
  11. A framework for critical analysis of financial mobile application (2 marks)
  12. Design and implementation of livestock management system (2 marks)
  13. Design and implementation of a computerized material stock control system for a manufacturing organization (1 mark)

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