Answer the following questions using webinar “Do Good and Avoid Evil” (see below in this document) and paper “Four Ethical Issues of the Information Age”

1. What is the thesis (discussion focus) of Don Gotterbarn’s webinar “Do Good and Avoid Evil?”

2. What problem is illustrated in the Therac25 accidents?

3. Our approach to problem solving may actually limit our ability to do the right thing. “Do Good and Avoid Evil” gives several examples of common software/system development approaches and how they limit our ability to do the right thing. What are these approaches and their limits?

4. What does each letter in the acronym PAPA stand for in the article “Four Ethical Issues of the Information Age?”

Do Good and Avoid Evil Discussion of Professional Ethics

Speaker Introduction

Don Gotterbarn, Director, Software Engineering Ethics Research Institute, ACM Committee on Professional Ethics

Don Gotterbarn, working as an academic and software systems developer, has been active over several decades promoting responsible computing practices. As a consultant he worked on systems including ones for the U.S. Navy, the Saudi Arabian Navy, vote counting machines, and missile defence. Don is the Director of the Software Engineering Ethics Research Institute and a visiting professor at the Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility in England. He has taught at institutions like the University of Southern California, at government agencies such as the NSA, and was a visiting scientist Carnegie Mellon’s Software Engineering Institute.

Don chairs the ACM Committee on Professional Ethics, and was instrumental in the development of IEEE/ACM Software Engineering Code of Ethics and Professional Practice. With support from the NSF, he and colleagues developed a CASE tool for discovering and anticipating the ethical impacts of a software development effort. His contribution to computing ethics is recognized by various professional bodies (e.g. ACM Outstanding Contribution award 2005; and Joseph Weizenbaum award 2010 from the International Society for Ethics and Information Technology).

Webinar link:
Do Good and Avoid Evil – Discussion of Professional Ethics

Supporting Resources:

The Lucifer Effect by Philip Zimbardo

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