Final Project: Part 1Assignment –INST 11525pointsThe Final Project is intended to demonstrate how geographic location influences employment opportunities as well as preferences in where someonewould like to live in the future–something studentswill have to consider astheybegin a job search. For this first part of the Final Project, studentswill collect wage or salary and employment data fora career/occupation of theirchoice at several geographic scales. Studentswill need to conduct aninternet search for employment and average wage/salary data for theirselected occupationforseveral areaswithin the United States*. It is recommended toselectan occupationyou are interested in pursuingandlocations you might be interested in living in someday.*If you want to useinternational locations, please contactmefirstso we can choose appropriate geographic regions for the assignment.Requirements1) Providethe title of selectedoccupation.2) Find total employment and average(mean)hourly wage or annual salary data (whichever applies to your occupation –some pay hourly,some pay salary)for:✓Three cities (for analysis purposes of this project,cities must be in different statesor located in different areasof largestates)✓Each state where selected cities are located✓The entire U.S.3) Record data in the table on the assignment template provided on the coursewebsite.Copy and paste the website link to show data source.4) Also,on the assignment template, briefly explain why you think there are differences or similarities in the data you found. (This should not have to be longer than one or two paragraphs in length.)Upload your document to the appropriate assignment link on Canvaswhen finished.Please contact the instructor as soon as possibleif you have questionsor have difficulties finding information!

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