Assignment Question
For an organization that you know well (e.g., the organization, where you are currently employed or for which you worked in the past), using the relevant concepts, theories and models introduced in the module, describe one person who could be called a leader and analyse how effective this person’s leadership is and why it is effective.

The assignment should:
1. begin with a brief introduction outlining the aims and the structure of the assignment;
2. provide an informative overview of the organization, including the relevant characteristics such as industry, location, size, and age;
3. identify the person who is a member of this organization and, in your opinion, could be called a leader and explain what makes this person a leader;
4. analyse whether this person’s leadership is effective and why it is effective, using appropriate theories/models of leadership (it might be advisable to focus on contingency theories of leadership);
5. conclude with a summary of key points and implications.

The paper should:
1. be word word-processed, double-spaced throughout, in point 12 size font, left justified, with standard margins (at least 2.5 cm on all sides), with all pages consecutively numbered;
2. be formally structured, i.e. divided into sections (and, if necessary, subsections) with meaningful headings;
3. include the list of references, documenting all the sources used in the preparation of the assignment.

Referencing should strictly adhere to the Harvard referencing system. All sources, directly or indirectly used for completing the assignment (including Internet sources and the organization’s internal documents), should be clearly identified and appropriately referenced in the main text and in the list of references. Any unacknowledged or insufficiently acknowledged use of sources will be qualified as plagiarism and will be subject to the appropriate penalties.

6 references as minimum and copy of them need to be sent with the assessment. Assessment references preferred to be internet reference.
Word Limit
Word limit is 3500 words. Students are not allowed to submit a paper that deviates from the word limit by more than 10% (ether above or below the word limit).

Assessment Criteria
1. in-depth knowledge and understanding of the module materials;
2. competence in identifying the relevant concepts, theories and models and in applying them to real-life organizational phenomena;
3. ability to clearly articulate and communicate their own ideas and opinions in writing, to develop arguments, and to structure a written presentation in a logical and coherent manner.

Leader Data:
Name : Ali AL-Ali
Position: Operation General Manager
Company: Petrochemical Company
Organization Manpower : 300 Employees (Engineers, Supervisors, Operators)
Location: Saudi Arabia _ Jubail Industrial City

Following Theories need to be used in the leader analysis
• Trait Theory
• Organizational Structure Contingency Theory
• Behavioral Theories
• Power and Influence Theories
• X-Y Theory
• Organizational Culture Theory
• Talent Management

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