Imagine you are a data science researcher doing research for a social justice project using social media data. Choose a social justice topic and choose a source for mining the data from social media data. Create a mindmap that includes the chosen social media data source in the middle, and links to at least two circles that include at least 2 of the issues below. Extend your mindmap to include at least one example of each of the issues such as 1. Ethical issues 2. Privacy issues 3. Example of a group profiling issue that would need to be avoided.

The purpose of this is to let your mind “map” out your thinking process as you think about your social media data. Include an introduction of your data set, purpose (what problem are you trying to solve?), ethics and privacy issues, the status of the social justice issue you selected, and a summary.  The ethical and privacy issues can be included in the mindmap if they have a sufficient description in the mindmap. 

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