Reading Section5 Marks

Read the following passage, and then answer the questions in full sentences:

                          Crazy Mom’s Fashion        

It started 20 years ago. One day, Jane Smith, a busy mom and a loving wife,

went shopping for new clothes. After a few hours of searching, she came

home exhausted and disappointed. In the mid-80s, few manufacturers made

clothes for women over thirty. “Thousands of women in England have the same

problem, and I will help them,” – thought Mrs. Smith.  With very little

money, no connections in the fashion world and a husband who thought that

her idea was crazy, the ambitious woman decided to start up her own business.

Jane designed her first collection of twenty clothing items, bought suitable

material and sewing machines, and hired experienced tailors. The Smiths’

balcony turned into a workshop. When the collection was ready, Jane offered

it to a famous chain of stores. To her surprise, they bought the whole

collection at once. When they asked her about the name of her company, Jane

looked at her husband, smiled and said: “Crazy Mom”. The collection was sold in a very short time – women liked Jane’s models. In a month, the manager of the chain ordered more clothes from “Crazy Mom” and Jane had to hire more people and find a bigger place for the workshop. The next step was opening her own shop at the central train station in Manchester.

 Now “Crazy Mom” has 50 boutiques all over the world. Mr. Smith left his job as an engineer and became head of the company. Their four children also work in the company and, according to Jane, this is what makes the business so successful.

  1. Choose the correct answer:

1. Why did Jane come home disappointed?


2. What did Jane do when the manager ordered more clothes??


3. What does the underlined (they) pronoun stand for?


4. Where did Jane open her own shop?

5. How many boutiques does Crazy Mom have?


Vocabulary Section5 Marks

Refer back to your book (Theme 2 and 3) and choose or write the correct vocab for each sentence:

1. __________________ A piece of written work, usually homework..

2 ………………….. is about human behavior in groups.

3. ………………is a program damages computer document or programs.

4. People who show their feelings.________________.

5. ______________are money you pay for a course.

6. Pieces of work are called_____________. (resources, tasks, equipment).

7. _______________ the people who buy things from your company. (customers, managers, colleagues).

8. The ________________ of this product is not good. (quality, equipment, mood)

9._______________ people who have worked for many years. (experienced, sarcastic, intelligent).

10. People who have a good sense of humor make ___________ (excuses, jokes, plans)

Grammar Section5 Marks

Answer the questions as requested:

1. My  father was born_____ January 5th 1947 . (on, in, at)

2. He _______________ London  last month. (leave)

3. She  _______________ swim  very well. (Use negative of can)

4. Extroverts ____________________their feelings. (show, get, need)

5. She is a lovely mother. (Form yes / No question) _______________________________________

6. Long wear We to skirts have school to. (Put the words in order to form a correct sentence)


7. I want to apply for the job of a receptionist. (Rewrite the sentence using would like)


8. Are you planning to travel or _________________?  (Complete by writing the opposite)

9. The employment of hundreds of people every year has helped the economy of the area. (Here employment is a verb. noun, adjective)

10. You _____________________ come late to work . (must)

Writing Section5 Marks

Write not less than 150 words about ONE of the following topics:

A. Qualities of a bad teacher.

B. Are you an introvert or extrovert? Or may be a mixture of both?





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