1) In “The Danger of a Single Story,” we learn how one story told about a group can be damaging. Explain how the following texts tell more than a single story about the people or group their story is about: The Buddha in the AtticArab in America, and Winter in the Blood. << This is the question

1) one-story can damage the whole minority of society, In the danger of a single story, she read and watched a lot of American stuff, so she never judged the whole society for an individual act, unlike her American roommate who read only one story about Africa and thought all African people and countries are the same. Arab in America, the media introduced Arabs after the 9/11 attacks as terrorists because of a group of people who don’t represent Arabs at all. Arabs didn’t feel safe at all afterward, whenever there is an attack all Arabs wish that the one who committed the attack is not Arab, it’s because people will bring back old stereotypes. This single story will affect all Arabs if I believe that a certain group of people are terrorists I won’t make business with them, won’t rent them my house, won’t employ them, will never be my friends. This was what Arabs have suffered during the past years. Another stereotype that makes me angry is that all Arabs are rich, especially in Gulf countries. I’m from Saudi Arabia, we have many poor people, most of the people are middle class. For example, most Saudi’s go to Marbella, Spain in August, all the restaurants and lounges basically every shop will higher their price. A week ago an American or British would be charged 10$ but a Saudi will pay 30$, WHY? in Winter in the blood, Indians had many lands, lands = money, Lame Bull married Teresa who is eight years older than him, so he could have her land. Work hard so you can achieve what others have. Not by pretending to love a woman then marry her and take away her land so you can be rich. This stereotype is common in Saudi Arabia, whenever a man marries a woman who is older than him, he only wants to get her money. The Buddha in the Attic, Asians were farmers because they work hard, and more time and get paid less than others this why they weren’t allowed to work in other fields. Moreover, when the war started, Hollywood and the media were presenting Asians as their enemy, people around started to worry from them, they stayed at their homes for a long time because they are worried about what will happen if they went out. Children in school said that they heard Asian kids were saying that something big will happen which is untrue. When the media focuses on a thing it will stick it on every head of society, kids are not watching the media but their parents are. So they will aware them of Asian kids, and here the danger of a single story will occur, the kids when they grow up will teach their kids to hate others because their dangerous, bad, terrorist whatever the media wants. << This is my answer

No outside sources, only the texts.

The Buddha in the Attic: https://1lib.us/book/4719411/33aad

Winter in the blood: https://1lib.us/book/5985434/e99c94


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