LoayNazer, Chairman, Nazer Group: A Great Leader for the Arab Region LoayNazer is a thoroughly modern entrepreneur with an American engineering degree and an MBA from UCLA’s Anderson School of Management. He founded the Nazer Group in 1991, two years after finishing his studies in the United States. The group, based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, offers a number of services, including medical insurance, conference management, venture capital, and public relations. Over the next five years the company intends to invest heavily in healthcare. Its philosophy is “to combine conservative business principles with creative flair.” Nazer gained international prominence when he was chairman (from 2006 to 2007) of the international board of the Young Presidents Organization (YPO), a network for chairmen and CEOs under the age of 50. In 2010 he was selected from 37,000 alumni as one of the Anderson School’s one hundred “Inspirational Leaders.” He says that his main job is talent management. “I could talk about vision and all the other stuff,” he says, “but really it’s about talent management.” Human resources is an area where “there is a lot of signaling to the whole organization what kind of organization you are.” Nazer is careful to look after people who have given long service to the company but who need to move on. “We go the extra step to reward these people for their long tenure,” he says. “This behavior is crucial to building the right emotional fabric within the organization.” “To be a true leader,” he says, “is to establish in front of others that your value system does not change with the situation.” His value system acts as a “filtering process.” Without it, he says, it is easy to justify “less ethical decisions, more profitable decisions.” His mentor is his father, who worked for the government and shaped his son’s leadership style by grounding it in his values, conduct, and social skills. It is not easy to be an ethical leader in today’s world, Nazer says, but it is important to have consistent values across all areas of one’s life. “If you are going to be ethical with your family and in your relationship with God,” he says, “you’ll end up confusing yourself if you bring a different value system to your business.” For young business people his advice is, “Work out the gaps between the skills you have and those you need for the career you want to build…. Never stop doing this, no matter how successful you become…and that applies to social skills as well. Self-awareness of personal shortcomings is helpful both socially and in business. Rather than mask these weaknesses, I fill the gap that they leave by surrounding myself with others who have those skills.” Questions A) What type of leadership theory most fits with Nazer’s style? How do you know? (28 marks)

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