On June 21, 2001, a federal grand jury in the United States indicted 13 Saudi Arabian nationals and one Lebanese national in connection with the truck bombing that killed 19 members of the American military services and wounded nearly 400 others in an apartment building in Saudi Arabia in 1996. The building was being used as a barracks for U.S. military service personnel. The bombing allegedly was pursuant to an organized terrorist agenda designed to drive Americans out of the Persian Gulf region. Currently, eleven of the suspects are in Saudi custody, and three are still fugitives. Saudi Arabia has refused to extradite any of the suspects in their custody. The U.S. has no extradition treaty with Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Arabian government asserted that the United States has no right to prosecute any persons involved in an incident that occurred in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Arabian Defense Minister was quoted as saying that any legal steps in the case “fall within the jurisdiction of Saudi Arabia.” The Interior Minister was quoted as saying, “No other entity has the right to try or investigate any crimes occurring on Saudi lands.” Is the Saudi Arabian Interior Minister correct? Discuss in detail the arguments both for and against the Saudi position. Be sure to address the distinction between prescriptive, enforcement, and adjudicative jurisdiction. Make sure your citations are in proper Bluebook format. Your answer must be at least 500 words

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