Please respond with a paragraph to the following question, add citations and references:

Since CLABSI prevention on the intensive care unit was my topic for my Capstone, it would be appropriate to present my findings to the critical care and Med-Surg nursing journal where I found some of my articles. The ICU was used for my research, so helping other medical surgical units or any units with patients with central lines will aid is preventing CLABSI’s and would be beneficial for patient’s outcome. If this research was conducted on another unit then finding a nursing article closely related to that type of unit would work. A health care conference that would benefit from the research conducted by me through the Capstone project would be a critical care nursing conference, a patient safety conference, or a nurse education conference. These would relate to the unit, relate to the specific topic and prevention, and lastly it would educate nurses on the importance of prevention of hospital acquired infections (HAI’s) to include CLABSI’s.


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