Please answer the following questions in well-thought-out, clear, and organized essays. Remember to address all components of each question. A good answer will apply terms from our text. A great answer will also use data and support for your responses. A fantastic answer will do all that and explore outside sources as well – above and beyond!!

  1. Discuss why the US divorce rate rose during the 1960s and 1970s and summarize the major individual-level factors accounting for divorce today.
  2. Explain the factors that are associated with dropping out of high school, the economic and social consequences of dropping out of high school, and what might be done to decrease the high school dropout rate? Describe the various forms of school choice programs, and explain the arguments for and against each type of program.
  3. Explain why environmental injustice is often called “environmental racism” in the U.S. Give specific examples to illustrate this position.
  4. Now that you have completed the entire course, please identify what you feel to be the most pressing current social problem in American society. Why do you feel this is the most important or dangerous? Who do you feel it affects the greatest and how? What do you propose as solutions to combat this social problem?

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