Critical Thinking

Weightage:   5 Marks

Learning Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate the ability to formulate marketing strategies that incorporate psychological and sociological factors which influence consumer’s decision. CLO-3
  • Use effective and collaborative interpersonal skills to carry out scientific analysis of consumers’ needs and wants to formulate a marketing Plan. CLO-5

Assignment Questions:

  1. Are you loyal to some of the brands? If so, pick any one of your choice and explain why you believe you are loyal to, beyond that you simply like the brand. If not, pick a brand that you like and explain how you would feel and act differently toward the brand if you were loyal to it. Critically Examine.                                      (2.5 Marks: Minimum 250 Words)
  • You have been sitting in the waiting room of your mechanic’s shop for more than an hour. With the knowledge that products are different from services, develop a list of the things the shop manager could do to improve the overall service delivery. Critically examine how the shop might overcome problems associated with the tangibility, separability, heterogeneity, and perishability of services.                 (2.5 Marks: Minimum 250 Words)


  1. Examples should be relevant to the local Market of Saudi Arabia.
  2. Validate your Answers with Minimum 2 References (Research Article/Book Chapters/Reviewed Journals etc.) for each question.
  3. Read Carefully the above general Guidelines before submitting your Assignment.

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