Read the following case study, and the four question and then upload the file to the Google classroom. Supplying Internet and mobile services to over 160 million custom- ers across the Middle East, Saudi Telecom Company (STC) is one of the largest providers in the region, extending as far as Africa and South Asia. With millions of customers contacting STC daily for billing, payment, network usage, and support, all of this infor- mation has to be monitored somewhere. Located in the headquar- ters of STC is a data center that features a soccer fieldsized wall of monitors all displaying information regarding network statistics, service analytics, and customer calls. After carefully evaluating several vendors, STC made the decision to go with Dundas because of its rich data visualization alterna- tives. Dundas is an enterprise-ready Data mining tool which can be used for building and viewing interactive dashboards, reports, etc. Dundas business intelligence consultants worked on-site in STC’s headquarters in Riyadh to refine the telecommunication dashboards so they functioned properly. “Even if someone were to show you what was in the database, line by line, without visualizing it, it would be difficult to know what was going on,” said Waleed, who worked closely with Dundas con- sultants. The success that STC experienced led to engagement on an enter- prise-wide, mission-critical project to transform their data center and create a more proactive monitoring environment. This project culminated with the monitoring systems in STC’s data center finally transforming from reactive to proactive. The Problem When you have acres of information in front of you, prioritizing and contextualizing the data are paramount in understanding it. STC needed to identify the relevant metrics, properly visualize them, and provide them to the right people, often with time-sensi- tive information. ‘The executives didn’t have the ability to see key performance indicators” said Waleed Al Eshaiwy, manager of the data center at STC. “They would have to contact the technical teams to get status reports. By that time, it would often be too late and we would be reacting to problems rather than preventing them.” The present system cannot identify fraudulent activities in the wireless network. STC does not have clues on when network us- age rises so they can invest wisely The Benefits “Dundas’ information visualization tools allowed us to see trends and correct issues before they became problems,” said Mr. Eshaiwy. He added, “We decreased the amount of service tickets by 55 percent the year that we started using the information visualiza- tion tools and dashboards. The availability of the system increased, which meant customer satisfaction levels increased, which led to an increased customer base, which of course lead to increased reve- nues.” With new, custom KPIs becoming visually available to the STC team, Dundas’ dashboards currently occupy nearly a quarter of the soccer field-sized monitor wall. “Every thing is on my screen, and I can drill down and find whatever I need to know,” explained The Solution Waleed. He added, “Because of the design and structure of the dash- boards, we can very quickly recognize the root cause of the prob- lems and take appropriate action.” Dundas system support visual analysis of network traffic that identifies unusual patterns to help track down and eliminate fraud- ulent activity. STC now can adapt to rising usage by identifying patterns and investing wisely. According to Mr. Eshaiwy, Dundas is a success: “The adoption rates are excellent, it’s easy to use, and it’s one of the most success- ful projects that we have implemented. Even visitors who stop by my office are grabbed right away by the look of the dashboard!” Answer the following questions, weight 25 points 1)Did Dundas use data mining to solve some of the STC prob- lems? Identify two problems that were solved by Dundas data mining tools. 2)What were their challenges, the proposed solution, and the obtained results?

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