The company has asked you to present a 3-4 page business report of your recommendations, which the organization will use to create an affirmative action plan for both the U.S. and India divisions. Your assessment should reflect strong analysis and should elaborate on the following items: Laws and regulations related to affirmative action in India (as addressed in the Rout article).

U.S. laws and regulations that may be relevant or significant to the topic of affirmative action.

Based on your findings, similarities and/or distinctions regarding affirmative action in the U.S. and India

****. Procedures the company can implement to ensure full compliance with legal standards in both the U.S. and India. How can it ensure that the organization satisfies Title VII and other Equal Opportunity laws in the U.S.?

*****Likewise, what can it do to guarantee full adherence to India’s laws and policies? Further information that the company can utilize going forward. What are some helpful resources that the company may routinely use to research affirmative action requirements and other equal opportunity guidelines?

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