Write a minmum of a five-sentence paragraph addressing one of the prompts in MLA format on either Beowulf or The Ramayana.

Prompt ideas for Beowulf are as follows:

Using Beowulf as a paradigm for the heroic epic, which three elements strike you as the most characteristic or vital? Which of these would be most effectively expressed through character consciousness and which through a poetic or narrative consciousness?

Many of the poem’s defining features are derived from long-standing traditions of oral narrative. In contrast, what do you consider particularly “literary,” “written,” or “composed” about Beowulf?

Recall a challenge Beowulf faced that did not directly involve a monstrous enemy. How did this occurrence, presented as part of the linear narrative embedded within it, complement Beowulf’s heroic progress?

If you choose to write about The Ramayana, the following is the prompt to address in the journal:

From The Ramayana,

Define the role of dharma in connection to Rama’s journey. Identify the elements of mysticism and metaphysics that help define Rama’s piety. Who is his most important guide along the way in helping him make his decisions from your perspective and why is this so important in defining his role in the epic?

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