Scenario 1: Gong cha Malaysia

The recent outbreak of a pandemic disease has left many consumers cash-strapped and short of

confidence in Malaysia. Many companies have tried to come out with a winning marketing strategy

to overcome the challenges. To do that, many companies have tried to come out with new products,

new distribution channels, new pricing strategies and etc in order to stay competitive.

Gong Cha is a tea drink franchise business in Malaysia. Gong Cha serves a total of about fifty-seven

different drinks, which can be divided into seven product lines: House specials, Brewed tea, Milk tea,

Creative mix, Coffee, Healthy series and Ice smoothies. They also offer drinks in medium and large

sizes. The most popular Gong Cha Milk Green Tea contains a lower layer of brewed tea covered by

an upper layer of special creamer. Gong Cha also offers tea sets and tea in stores, such as Bi-Luo

Chun Green Tea and Darjeeling Spring Tea. Recently they offer a new type of food in their menu,

Mochi Waffles.

(Students will need to provide their answers in relation to the given scenario and context)

Question 1

(a) Compare and contrast the FIVE (5) Marketing Management Orientations with relevant


(15 marks)

(b) Based on the answer given in Part 1(a), choose ONE (1) out of the five marketing

management orientations to cope with the current situation. Provide justifications with

relevant examples to your answer.

(10 marks)

(Total: 25 marks)

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