Discuss “The Significance of literature search in research planning and identification of research problem”. Write down your answer with supporting examples and explanation.

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The literature search is one of the main steps in coming up with a valid and admissible research question and for planning the research process. Since there are various published data available for research, finding the right and relevant literature is key to the whole process. It can, however, be time-consuming and frustrating, which might lead to abandonment of the whole process.

The literature search is done to identify the main areas that go into the research question. This is done in a systematic and organized way to ensure that no part of the research is left out. For example, the literature search might identify the key reference points that the research needs to be based upon. It also ensures that the references presented are valid and from the available data that is to be used (Grewal,Kataria, and Dhawan,2016).

The literature search if done correctly identifies the appropriate methodology, design of the study question, and sampling methods. The methodology to be used in the research is identified from the available literature that is in line with the research method and question.

The literature search also helps formulate a good and unique research question that needs to be tackled as the main component of the research. The research question needs to be relevant and based on the available literature obtained from the initial process of literature search. The literature obtained then acts as both the guiding line and reference for the whole research. The question needs to meet certain criteria set, and in doing so, the question should be interesting and relevant to the area of study.


Grewal, A., Kataria, H., & Dhawan, I. (2016). Literature search for research planning and identification of research problem. Indian journal of anaesthesia, 60(9), 635.

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Research in literature is usually carried out by medical academics, research and development staff, businessmen and health care in large institutions and companies. They rely on books, scientific journals, articles, and others for a specific topic to identify knowledge gaps and support discussions. One of the most important reasons is to obtain sufficient information to formulate a valid research question (SRIRAM, 2018).

The importance of literary research lies in determining the appropriate methodology, study design, sampling methods, analysis techniques, and how concepts are measured. In addition, it affects the final result, which contributes to avoiding defects or gaps. As I mentioned at the beginning, formulating a good question is very crucial to facilitate good clinical scientific research. It may be a general question or directed to the patient about the effect of a treatment, disease, advantage or defect. PICOT is a well-known approach to good question formulation, (p) stands for patients: significant category, (I) stands for intervention: what is the important intervention? ,(c) stands for comparison, (o) stands for outcome, (t) stands for time. For example, we need to evaluate a particular drug, so that the treatment of an anesthetic must comply with certain criteria referred to as FINER’ F-Feasible, I-Interesting, N-Novel, E-Ethical, R-Relevant (Grewal et al., 2016).

Without research, you are almost defenseless and your inability to confront. Suppose that we do not have forecasts and proactive tools for the weather, we cannot know the occurrence of hurricanes or volcanoes. This applies to scientific medical research and how to find solutions, ask questions, and search for answers to become an effective invention. Therefore, research is invaluable and is considered the most reliable method (“How does research impact your everyday life?”, 2016).


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