Complete the following items for this assignment:

  1. Read through the Case 13.1 Tree Trimming Project Case in Larson and Gray. Respond to Questions 1 and 2 of the case. Use Microsoft Excel to complete this item and include all calculations in your Excel file. Note that showing all calculations in Excel is required.
  2. Complete Appendix Exercise 2 at end of Chapter 13 in Larson and Gray. Specifically, complete the table on pp. 509-510 in the textbook (note that SPI and CPI can be determined after the table is completed).  Assume that cumulative EV, PV, CV, SV, SPI and CPI values are needed.  Also, complete the table at the top of p. 511.  At the end of Period 5, what is the status of this project (be specific)?
  3. Discuss a strategy that you would use to communicate the status of the project to stakeholders.

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