When Kareem left the office of Emox CEO Naji Haddad, all he felt was pride and joy at being considered as a potential Website manager for Emox’s star search engine Araboo. While driving back home, however, these feelings of satisfaction were giving way to thoughts of worry and hesitation. Emox was the first company in the Arab region to create, develop, and manage country-based search engines. When Emox was established in 2000, search engines like Yahoo! and Altavista were the “Face-books” of that era. At that time, people in the region had no local search engines or guides to satisfy their Internet search needs. Sensing the opportunity, Naji Haddad, co-founder and current CEO of Emox, developed the company’s first search engine,, which only returned Lebanese-related content. It was a huge success. Since the natural growth target of most Lebanese businesses is the wider Middle East region, it was only natural that within few months, Emox would develop a number of country-dedicated search engines for practically every country in the region. Currently, Emox manages close to 45 regional and international Websites, search engines, and portals. Kareem’s journey at Emox started in 2003 when he joined the company as a research analyst. Three years later, he was promoted to content manager of LebWeb, where he rejuvenated LebWeb’s image and increased traffic to the Website by a yearly average of 17 percent and advertisement revenues by 20 percent. When Emox needed to recruit a new Website manager for its biggest search engine Araboo, Kareem’s success at LebWeb made him a prime candidate for the position. Kareem began to worry about his ability to be in charge of the whole Website because, although the new job would be a big career advancement, the job of a Website manager entails much more than that of a content manager. In addition, Araboo’s team is based in Saudi Arabia, and Kareem is very satisfied with his lifestyle in Lebanon. It seems that Kareem has a lot of thinking to do; Emox’s CEO was expecting Kareem’s decision early the next day.


1. Using the rational choice theory model of decision making, identify the decision-making criteria that come into play in Kareem’s decision whether to accept or refuse the suggested promotion.

2. Based on the criteria identified in question 1, what do you think Kareem’s decision should be?

3. Assume the outcome of a rational decision-making process is for Kareem to accept the offer. However, Kareem declines the promotion. How would you explain such a decision?

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