A note on the special situation of online testing and academic integrity: You must treat this like a test you would do in the classroom at the college. The only difference is that you are allowed to take advantage of the assistance that Word gives you with spellcheck and grammar check, but that’s all (but be careful, sometimes this assistance can mislead you). You are not allowed to give or receive any assistance from classmates, books, notes, or digital sources as well, including all websites or applications, such as Google Translate or paraphrase generators. STAY AWAY FROM THE INTERNET. This test must be 100% your own thinking and writing.


Write a 4-paragraph argumentative essay on ONE of the two topics below.  Give a title. You must include counterpoint with refutation in both body paragraphs. The essay should be around 400 – 500 words in length. You have 1 hour from the time the test is released at Eduoasis.

Grading the essays will take into consideration the content, language (grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.) and structure. It is worth 20 marks total.     

The Topics:

A. Are young people today lazier than earlier generations? Young people nowadays have more cars and technological gadgets, and they’re definitely spending more time indoors and on education, but does that mean that they’re not as hardworking and ‘tough’ as earlier generations? Is the younger generation today more spoiled or lazy, compared to their parents or grandparents?


B. There are courses at MCBS that have no final exam. Instead, they have a more in-depth research project. Some teachers are against this option as a final assessment, suspecting that students are not doing enough of their own work on projects at home. Do you feel that MCBS should take away final exams and replace them with research projects?

Write your essay below:

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