Which of the nine principles for sustainability do most organizations or companies find the most difficult to follow in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia? Why do customs or laws make it difficult to achieve this one principle? Post your comment with the rationale or an example why the principle you listed is the most difficult to follow.
Provide one page solution, supported with APA style references, not more than 5 years old. Please strictly follow APA style guidelines, link as under:
Module materials
1.Managing Corporate Sustainability All companies and organizations want to be socially responsible. You do not hear of companies whose main goal is to pollute the environment as much as possible, treat employees as poorly as possible, and provide the worst goods and services on the market to customers. So, if this is the case, why is it organizations are not all doing their best to be socially responsible? If all companies want to be socially responsible, what is stopping them? 2.A New Framework for Implementing Corporate Sustainability
Well, the answer is a bit complicated. You can go to many corporate websites and see the plans for social responsibility, sustainability, etc. in black and white. However, that is what they are—plans. It is somewhat simple to make plans and tell people that you are committed to being socially responsible. However, there is a bottom line involved in every company. Making plans and policies is the simple part; actually implementing the plans and policies can be much more difficult—and more costly! 3.The Broad Definition of Sustainability Performance—The Nine Principles It is critical for your success in this course that you understand the nine principles of sustainability for a corporation, from the text and in this interactive slide show that follows.
Ethical standards are established and practiced
For a thorough explanation of the nine principles, review Chapter 1 in the textbook and the section titled “What is Sustainability?”
Before reading further, it is important to watch this video regarding how collaboration can increase long-term success when organizations focus on sustainability, ethics and social responsibility. 4.Identify Your Stakeholders Companies have shareholders and stakeholders who are expecting profits and returns on their investments. Social responsibility and sustainability cost money. If a company wants to lower their harmful emissions into the environment, money must be spent to do that. The company would be spending a great deal of money on something that would not directly earn them returns. If a company wanted to do more to help with child labor laws, they would have to start paying higher wages, which could cut into profits. So, it must be a balance between social responsibility efforts that help to better society and generating profits for the organization for the good of the company, its employees, and its shareholders.

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