Write a 7 page essay on Historiography of America’s relationship to Saudi Arabia.The paper tells that historically, The United States of America and the Saudi Arabia have shared a very good diplomatic agreement. For instance, in the middle of Cold War, the two countries upheld a common understanding that “godless communism” was problematic. This enhanced their diplomatic relationship as they both sought to fight against it. On the one hand, the United States laid a great emphasis on the part of “communism” while Saudi Arabia focused more on the part of “godless”. Through these diplomatic relationships, the Americans were considered to be decent people. This was the perception of the Saudi Arabians. This enabled them to cultivate a friendly relationship that existed between the nations. This is unlike the colonialist British whom Saudi Arabia detested seeing as they shared an extremely uneasy relationship. This is notwithstanding the fact that it never culminated into any form of hostilities between Britain and Saudi Arabia. According to the people of Saudi Arabia, the Americans were far much better than the British and this explains the good relationship between the two countries. The Americans employed the use of its vast technology and skills to accord help to Saudi Arabia in this developmental endeavors. However, Saudi Arabia had to return the favor by giving the Americans huge contracts as well as salaries to enhance the development of the country. Even at the present, it is noted that most of the infrastructure in Saudi Arabia was designed and built by the Americans.

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