You are to write a critically reflective paper entitled: My Role as a Decision Leader in the Global Marketplace.
The purpose of this paper is for you to demonstrate your competency in discussing key concepts gained throughout the duration of the term.Further, you are to demonstrate your ability to tie in those concepts and apply them directly to your own leadership career. The paper should be critically reflective, yet scholarly in nature, demonstrating your ability to discuss decision theory and leadership in light of the global marketplace. Because this paper is based on your own role as an organizational leader, there is considerable leeway for your discussion. However, it is required that you keep your discussion within the constraints of the concepts covered in the course.
Your paper should be 8 pages long, double-spaced, and formatted according to APA style guidelines. Use at least 30 peer-reviewed scholarly sources and information from your module to support your decision. The below headings should be mentioned and covered in your decision role, you should explain every concept and then show how you as a leader will utilize these concepts in the real word as a leader In a banking sector in Saudi Arabia. After finishing your assignment add minimum 9 sentences conclusion to wrap all the papers up.
The headings of your assignment are as follows:

Module 01: Judgment in Managerial Decision-Making
Discuss what heuristic nature decision is, and what is critical thinking decision, using your local place of employment, or organization, discuss what situations requires you to make a management- or leadership-related decision that are hubristic and what situations that requires you to use the critical thinking
Module 02: Decision-Making Techniques, Tools, and Approaches: Part 1
Module 2 introduces decision-making approaches below, describe each one and then mention when as a leader you will use each!!Rational modelBounded rationalityIntuitive approachCreative decision-making
Module 03: Decision-Making Techniques, Tools, and Approaches: Part 2
Module 3 continues the exploration of decision-making approaches, models, and tools. You will learn about decision matrices and quantitative tools used in decision-making. You will apply the tools you have learned to a decision you are making.
Please mention wat was the benefit of knowing such as a decision matrix tool and when to use it.

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