You are watching a presidential debate. When a candidate is questioned about his position on economic growth, the presidential candidate steps forward and says, “We need to get this country growing again. We need to use tax incentives to stimulate saving and investment, and we need to get that budget deficit down so that the government stops absorbing our nation’s saving.” A) If government spending remains unchanged, what inconsistency is implied by the presidential candidate’s statement? (Minimum 50 words and be sure to economic concepts/issues). B) If the presidential candidate truly wishes to decrease taxes and decrease the budget deficit, what has the candidate implied about his plans for government spending? ((Minimum 50 words and be sure to econd nic concepts/issues). C) If policymakers want to increase growth, and if policymakers have to choose between tax incentives to stimulate saving and tax incentives to stimulate investment, what might they want to know about supply and demand in the loanable-funds market before making their decision? Explain.

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