a writing assignment about the different marketing strategies of IKEA (the furniture company) in both countries Saudi Arabia and the United States.write between 3-4 pages. I will include the question in the attachment and two other files about my previous assignments. You will be working on stage 3 ONLY the other two is just to read to keep you on track.here is some hint might help you with the writing.Pray time is different and in Saudi arabia they usually close 5 times to let people go the mosque or to pray. In Saudi arabia ikea offer special product which have the Islamic style. In Saudi arabia workers in Ikea can wear (Thob and gotra) traditional cloths if they are supervisor Consumers of Ikea in Saudi Arabia do not pay taxes like u.s. however the price might be similar because of the shipping cost. Ikea entered the Saudi market with new style furniture Saudi Arabia government force Ikea to remove women pictures from advertising.p.s: use simple English vocab.

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